About Me


Paul Lorenz - A musical world wanderer

More than 500 songs, platinum and gold records, numerous choral and orchestral works, Musicals, Violin Concertos and solo pieces - the musical spectrum of the Tyrolean-born Paul Lorenz is as extensive as it is diverse.

After his school education at the Innsbruck Music High School, Paul Lorenz studied violin, piano, choir, orchestra and composition at the local conservatory. Already during his years of musical apprenticeship, Paul spanned the melodic arc between the most diverse genres. In 1996 he founded his music company Lorenz Music. The associated recording studio, the publishing house and his record label have won several international awards.


A broad creative range that defies all stereotypes

Paul Lorenz is a border crosser between musical worlds. That’s what he proves once again with his re-composition of Bach's famous Cello Suite No. 1 which was recorded at Abbey Road Studios London: The harmonious combination of a classical essential with modern lounge vibes proves that his musical understanding crosses over. In his work as an arranger, he provides sheet music of world-famous works for full-size orchestras and choirs. In addition, Paul Lorenz writes customized music for film, television, advertising and projects.