About Paul Lorenz Music


Paul Lorenz - A musical world wanderer

More than 500 songs, platinum and gold records, numerous choral and orchestral works, Musicals, Violin Concertos and and the collaboration with world-famous artists such as the London Symphony Orchestra - the musical spectrum of the Tyrolean-born Paul Lorenz is as extensive as it is diverse.

After his school education at the Innsbruck Music High School, Paul Lorenz studied violin, piano, choir, orchestra, composition and legal sciences at the Conservatory and University of Innsbruck and is a full member of the AKM Composers' Board. Already during his years of musical apprenticeship, Paul spanned the melodic arc between the most diverse genres. In 1996 he founded his music company Lorenz Music. The associated recording studio, the publishing house and his record label have won several international awards.


A broad creative range that defies all stereotypes

Paul Lorenz is a border crosser between musical worlds. His collaborations with world-famous musicians and ensembles, including the illustrious London Symphony Orchestra, underscore his status as a luminary in the field. His work is synonymous with excellence, often recorded in the hallowed halls of Abbey Road Studio in London — a testament to his commitment to quality and the reverence of his craft. This synergy between talent and location has led to monumental arrangements and sheet music editions, cherished by musicians, ensembles, choirs, and large orchestras worldwide.


Composer and Arranger

Music for solo artists, ensembles and full orchestra

In the realm of classical music, few names resonate as profoundly as Paul Lorenz. With a brand that embodies the essence of innovation, quality, and connection, Lorenz has carved out a distinctive niche in the classical music industry. His journey is not just about preserving the venerable traditions of classical music; it's about catapulting them into the contemporary sphere, making them accessible and beloved by audiences across the globe.


Music Producer

Music without borders

Driven by a passion for quality, innovation, and connection, Lorenz's mission is to elevate classical music to unprecedented heights. His unique value proposition lies in his ability to blend traditional classical elements with modern sensibilities, thereby revitalizing and celebrating classical music for new generations. The products and services offered under the Paul Lorenz Music brand are tailored to meet the diverse needs of his target audience—which includes musicians, ensembles, orchestras, choirs, creatives, and renowned soloists.



Conductor for ensembles and orchestras

Lorenz's key benefits or features, such as collaboration with renowned entities like the London Symphony Orchestra and production in world-class studios like Abbey Road, highlight his unparalleled position in the music industry. His creations are not just compositions; they are beautiful melodies that resonate deeply with audiences, appealing to both classical aficionados and the younger demographic.


Film score composer

Monumental tailor-made music for film

The brand personality of Paul Lorenz Music—professional, innovative, creative, and modern—perfectly encapsulates the essence of Lorenz as an artist. His extraordinary popularity and strong industry connections further cement his place as a top-tier talent with a global appeal. Paul Lorenz is not just redefining the boundaries of classical music; he is shaping its future, ensuring its relevance and vibrancy for generations to come.